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Calafuria Furioso 11

The new Calafuria Furioso 11 Sport Fisherman: a perfect balance between elegance and seaworthiness. The boat, boasting the strength of its unique hull design, can safely reach speeds of more than 35 knots thanks to the exceptional seaworthiness that has always decreed its success on any sea. The boats are outfitted to provide maximum livability for the owners and guests, and have two double cabin, one with twin beds, as well as a bath with shower. The emphasis is on comfort, without neglecting elegance and sophisticated design by the Tassin Studio, in harmony with the fine styling of the exteriors. The cockpit, a key feature of every Calafuria, provides ample space and complete safety and is ideal both for cruising and for sports or professional fishing. From the technological standpoint, also, this model is characterized by an elevated standard, using only the best and most modern components available to guarantee the reliability synonymous with the Calafuria name.


Main technical characteristics

Overall length 11,50 m
Top width 3,50 m
Immersion 0,56 m
Displacement (full load) 10.900 kg
Displacement (small load) 8.800 kg
Fuel 720 l
Fresh water 370 l
Generator 3,5 kW
Engine 2x315 hp
N. passangers 10
Beds 4+2




Construction materials

Hull in VTR (first 3 layers with resin vinyl-ester),
with longitudinal and transversal supports,
bulkheads and supports in marine quality plywood and/or polyurethane foam
in the points subject to stress;
Flooring in non-slip tiles with rice grain finish;
Lateral windows in tempered crystal with sliders;
Shatterproof front and rear windshields;
Screws in AISI 316 stainless steel
Deck accessories in AISI 316 stainless steel;
Polyurethane bi-component paint for interiors;
Anti-osmosis treatment;
Top quality antifouling for planing hull;
Porthole in anodized L.L.;
RINA-approved hoses;
Valves, sea sockets and sewer in brass;
Fresh water tanks in VTR;
Black water tanks in VTR;
Fuel tanks in stainless steel;
Axle-screw holder Ø45 in stainless steel with PSS seal;
Case in epoxy VTR;
Screws in bronze;
Rudders in stainless steel;
Furnishings and covering in marine plywood and solid wood and fabric.




The shipyard customizes the boats to to ensure that every Calafuria gives its owner the maximum satisfaction.

Calafuria Furioso 11 Sport Fisherman is also available in the Peschereccio version.