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Tripesce TR 35

The Vincenzo Catarsi Mare shipyard produces both fisherman-type cruise boats and work boats for professional fishermen and nautical operators, built and designed to go out in any sea and any weather.

The TR 35 is a twin-engine unit with a planing hull and excellent marine qualities. Ideal for boat, loading and piloting services, fully customizable in layout thanks to its linear shapes and excellent balance.

PG TR35 NAPOLI small PG TR35 PIOMBINO small 

Tr 35 Augusta small

Technical data

Overall length 11,50 m
Top width 3,75 m
Immersion Max. 1,10 m
Displacement 12.500 kg a secco
Fuel 1.600 lt
Engine 2 x 400 cv FPT
Engine type Mechanical diesel inboard
Transmission Direct shaft line
Wheelhouse Hydraulic
Top Speed 23 knots
Cruise Speed 18 knots
carena Semi-planing with round stern and stabilizing central fin