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Tripesce TR 32

The Vincenzo Catarsi Mare shipyard produces both fisherman-type cruise boats and work boats for professional fishermen and nautical operators, built and designed to go out in any sea and any weather.

The smallest of the TR series, this V-hulled harness is particularly suitable for fishing and freight loading. Thanks to the position of the cabin, the cockpit is very large and with a linear geometry, perfect for transporting goods or hosting fishing equipment and catches.

This boat can also be set up for pleasure or work use in the mooring or boat version.

Brochure TR 32 pp 5 small

Technical data

Overall length 9,76 m
Top width 3,35 m
Immersion 1,00 m
Displacement (a secco) 6.500 kg
Fuel (diesel) 550 lt
Engine 1 x 220 cv FPT
Transmission Direct shaft line
Hull Semi-planing
Cockpit Self-draining
Poppa Square straight-cut