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Calafuria 6 Mooring Boat

Calafuria 6 ormeggiatori 800 x 520

Calafuria 6 Mooring Boat

The Vincenzo Catarsi Mare shipyard builds fisherman type cruisers and working vessels for professional fishing, designed to go out in any sea with any weather and to guarantee an exceptional catch, worth telling about on the dock.

The Calafuria 6 Mooring boat offers a generous deck plan despite the small size of the unit. These characteristics are also combined with excellent stability and a low height of the sides, which makes it very easy to carry out mooring operations inside the ports.

Technical data

Overall length 6,30 m
Waterline length 5,30 m
Top width 2,45 m
Altezza di costruzione 1,50 m
Displacement 1,5 t
Immersion 0,6 m
Service Mooring
Navigation Coastal national 3 Miles
Engine Nanni N4 140 99.4 kW 2600rpm