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Calafuria 10 Barcaioli


Calafuria 10 Barcaioli

The Vincenzo Catarsi Mare shipyard builds fisherman type cruisers and working vessels for professional fishing, designed to go out in any sea with any weather.

The pilot boat 10 Barcaioli is ideal for performing the docking service. It is 10.45 meters long and 3.70 meters wide.

Equipped with two engines Nanni Diesel N6 CR2 410 Cv @ 2600 Rpm, it
reaches a maximum speed of 33 knots. 

On express request it can be equipped with: towing hook with a capacity of up to 9 tons, fire hose with separate internal combustion engine, extra large bumper on the bow.

Technical data

Overall length (LFT) 10,45 m
Waterline length (Lwl) 9,05 m
Top width (Bmax) 3,70 m
Immersion (T) 0,68 m
Building height 2,45 m
Engine 2X Nanni Diesel N6 CR2 410 Cv @ 2600 Rpm
Passenger 12
Top Speed 33 Kn
Construction material Fiberglass











Construction specifications

Hull in hand-stratified VTR with longitudinal and transversal reinforcement; Reinforcement in marine plywood and/or Termanto epoxy resin in the points of greater stress; Bulkhead and dunnage below deck in marine plywood; Windshield in tempered crystal with mobile lateral openings. Shatterproof front crystal; Hardware in AISI316 stainless steel; Polyurethane paints for interiors with anti-mold bicomponent, first quality antifouling paint for planing keel; Hosing approved by RINA; Inlet and outlet valves in bronze; Tanks in stainless steel; Propeller shaft Ø 70 axle; Casing in epoxy VTR with propeller shaft seal, propellers in bronze; Rudders in stainless steel; Saloon cabin complete with windshield with wipers and washers, access door in crystal on stainless steel frame, dunnage for access to technical compartment; Control dashboard in painted VTR, complete with magnetic compass and standard instrumentation: VHF, radar, GPS, automatic pilot, autoradio, helm and pilot’s seat; Complete engine instrumentation; Lights, dashboard, canopy and sockets; Floor in non-slip material; Cockpit complete with dunnages in VTR with non-slip flooring; Engine compartment complete with 2 Bowlers for forced ventilation – Total soundproofing. Inspection lights for 2 underwater electric pumps with alarm, one manual pump; Fire extinguishing system with CO²; Technical compartment consisting of fuel tanks, water, fire pump. System control valves in view on bulkheads. Su espressa richiesta si possono applicare : gancio traino fino a 9 tonnellate, lancia antincendio con motore a scoppio separato, grande paracolpi di prura via.


The Vincenzo Catarsi Mare shipyard, with its enviable know-how, can build working craft to measure for every need.

The Professional Fishing Boat line includes vessels of different lengths: 8 m - 10 m – 11 m – 13.50 m – 16.70 m - 18 m – 20 m - 22 m.